Massive Scan Library

Physically based 3D, vegetation and surface scans

The Largest Scan Resource on the Planet.

100% standardized library with thousands of scanned items from all over the world.

  • Tileable SurfacesSpanning a vast array of material categories.
  • World-class 3D ScansIncluding LODs, sources and all the maps you need.
  • Hyper Realistic VegetationThe highest quality source materials available.

Ecosystem Philosophy.

Ecosystems contain all you need, covering every detail of a specific biome.

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All-Inclusive Subscription Service.

Ever-growing online library + all the production tools you need.

Customize and blend surface scans to create stunning tileables.
Easily manage all your scans on disk, and export to any renderer.

Incredibly Fast. Super Fun.

Play with real-world building blocks and instantly create mind blowing environments.

More scans all the time.

Experience huge updates as new waves of content are released

1st WaveJungle, Rainforest, Desert & Wasteland Biomes
2nd WaveNordic Biome, Australian Lava Ecosystem, 3D Trees & Foliage
3rd WaveFabric, Brick, Tile & Wood Surface Scans
4th WaveMetal, Plastic & Rubber Surface Scans
+ RequestsYou request it, we scan it. Megascans is built on your needs.