Apps & Plugins

Applications and Plugins that work with Megascans.

Santi Sánchez
  • Quixel Mixer

    Take full creative control of your scans with powerful material mixing to quickly create your own custom library of scan-based tileables.

  • Megascans Bridge

    Manage and tag your assets, and send them straight to your favorite game engine or renderer with the simple push of a button.

Plugins & Integrations

Browse the entire Megascans library right inside your favourite application, and import fully shaded assets with a single click. What’s more, Megascans assets are fully compatible with most modern real-time engines, modelling apps and renderers.

Integration for Maya

Compatible with Maya 2016 and above. Supported renderers: Arnold, Redshift.

Integration for 3ds Max

Compatible with 3ds Max 2016 and above. Supported renderers: Corona, Redshift.

Integration for Houdini

Compatible with version 16 and above. Supported renderers: Mantra, Arnold, Redshift.

Integration for Unreal Engine 4

Compatible with version 4.16 and above. Supported renderers: PBR Metallic, PBR Specular.

Integration for Unity

Supported renderers: PBR Metallic, PBR Specular

Integration for Modo

Supported renderers: Modo

New softwares and render engines will be added progressively, giving you access to Megascans on any software available in the market