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Lava Field Pack

A huge set of rugged Lava Field assets, including rocks, cliffs, slabs, plants and rubble for creating dramatic desolate scenes on a large scale.

Natural Building Blocks.

A large selection of rugged Lava Field assets, perfect for creating desolate wasteland landscapes or adding a harsher feel to any scene. This pack includes large cliffs and stone slab sections for creating environments on a grand scale.

  • Large Cliff ScansBuild up large areas fast.
  • 3d DebrisFor the finest details.
  • Vegetation ScansWith real translucency.
  • Hero 3D ScansIncluding LODs and high-poly.

Unprecedented Level of Detail.

From succulents, rocks, cliff faces, dead wood, sun bleached trees and plant atlases, leaf crumbs and the tiniest pieces of debris - the full detailing gamut is covered. Introducing one of the largest packs to date.

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Physically Based Everything.

Each asset includes a wide range of scanned maps, calibrated for the Disney Principled BRDF. Fully separated, flat, consistently processed and fully tileable.

Super-clean 3D.

All 3D assets go through a rigorous clean-up, reconstruction and retopology process, ensuring consistent texel density, minimum stretching and full modularity. All meshes include LODs with uniquely baked normals, and what’s more, real-world scale is preserved for zero guesswork.

Wait, There’s More

Each 3D scan comes with high-poly FBX and OBJ sources, Ztool, and displacement brushes for custom sculpting. You also get the Megascans Bridge, a desktop tool for Mac and PC for easily managing and exporting your downloaded scans. Lots of extra goodies await!

  • 32 bit Bump and DisplacmentsFor maximum fidelity.
  • High-poly ZtoolsFor extra control.
  • 32 bit Sculpting AlphasFor extra customizability.